No-Risk Exterminating is a full-service, family-owned pest control company serving the
greater Lansing area for over 25 years. Our competent and friendly staff is state certified
and can assist you with all your pest control needs including general pest control, termite
control, and real estate wood destroying insect reports.
No-Risk Exterminating
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    We are in the pest control business. That should not mean every sign of an insect
mandates a pesticide release. There are several insects and types of problems that
homeowners can manage themselves. The most common thing with all insects is their need
for moisture. We like to start there. Controlling moisture through various mechanical
alterations such as removing mulch from next to the foundation, draining rain water away
from your home in a positive grade, and reducing dense vegetation all serve a very
important purpose in long term control of insects. We estimate that in 30-40% of the calls
that come into our office, we instruct people on how to take care of the problem themselves.
In today's budget-tough times that exists in many households, we can save our customers
some money...that is our goal. However, In some cases, our suggestions alone do not solve
the problem and it then becomes necessary to schedule a service visit. All of our service
visits are on an as-needed basis with no signed contracts - unlike other pest control
companies that use contracts to provide busy work and income throughout the winter
months. At No-Risk Exterminating,
you control the number of treatments needed. Our goal
is to simply eliminate the infestation with as minimal pesticide application as possible.

                                                                     -Ed Jones, Owner
"We treat your home as if it were our own."  Ed Jones
No-Risk Exterminating